Bureau of Missing Persons Query by Alvin G. Faust in September 1961


F17 (fp) FAUST, Alvin G., PHD., 708 Princeton Blvd., Pittsburgh 21, Pa. FAUST (FO, PF, PH, TS, TZ), B(P)ERKEB(P)ILE, B(P)ERKEY, CLARK, JOHNS (TSCHANTZ), THOMAS (Welsh), MEELEY, CABLE, DIEHL, SIMON, STUDEBAKER. Wnt p and desc Johannes FAUST, ^ncaster, Pa 1760. Andrew BERKEBEIL (others) Benj CLARK of Morris Co NJ to Somerset, Pa. John Jacob MANGES and w Elizabeth. George SCHANEFELT and w Susanna BAKER. George HARTSOUGH (Hertzog), Mathias POORMAN (Burman), Henry THOMAS,all (?) from Franklin Co Pa. Godfrey STAHL and w Dorothy HESS. Capt Isaac and Jacob WHETSTONE, Anna Maria SCHAEFFER (SHAFFER), Ludwig SCHMIDT. All these from eastern Pa Cos and Md to Bedford and Somerset Cos, Pa. See previous eleven Exchange Issues. Send info & stamp. Am writing, will ans if possible.

About the above Query
The above query appeared in The Bureau of Missing Ancestors section also referred to as "Directory of Genealogists" which appeared in each issue of The Genealogical Helper. The queries pertained to the exchange of family information, request for help on family names, offers to aid others researching the same family lines, and other information on family surnames. has OCR'd the original text found in print format. Extensive attempts have been made to correct errors created by through the OCR process. Some errors may have been overlooked.

The county name which appears in parenthesis after the name and address of each entry is the county of residence of the querist.

The abbreviations in the parenthesis ( ) at the beginning of each query represent the following classifications: A-Amateur Genealogist (one who is just beginning in genealogical research); F- Family Genealogist (one who is working with a family group or organization on family lines); or P- Professional Genealogist (one who does genealogical research for a fee).

The following abbreviations were used throughout The Bureau of Missing Ancestors section. Abt- about; aft- after; anc- ancestor; ans- answer; b- born; bap- baptized; bd- birthdate; bef- birthdate; bef- before; bet- between; bpl- place of birth; bro- brother; bros- brothers; bur- buried; ca- circa; cem- cemetery; cen- census; ch- child of children; Co- Country; crspd- correspond; csn- cousin; CW- Civil War; d- died; dau- daughter; desc- descendant; desr- desire; div- divorced; dpl- place of death; f- father; fam- family; f-i-l- father-in-law; fol- following; gch- grandchildren; gf- grandfather; gp-grandparents; h- husband; 1- h- first husband; info- information; li- lived or living; m- married; m- 1- marriage first; m-i-l- mother-in-law; mor- mother; mov- moved; nm- name; org- organization; p- parents, parentage; Par- Parish; poss- possibly; Pro- Province; prob- probably; rec- record; res- resided; RW- Revolutionary War; s- son; SASE- Self-addressed stamped envelope; sis- sister; sol- soldier; srnm- surname; Twp- Township; w- wife; 1- w- first wife; wid- widow; xch- exchange.

     Alvin G. Faust, The Everton Genealogical Helper, Volume 15, September 1961; digital edition, ( : posted 26 Jul 2012)

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