Belarus Travel: Duty Free


The following goods may be imported into Belarus by persons over 18 years of age without incurring customs duty:

* 1000 cigarettes or 1000g of tobacco products.
* 1.5l of spirits and 2l of wine.
* A reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use.
* Other goods up to a value of US$1000.

On entering the country, tourists must complete a customs declaration form which must be retained until departure. This records the import of articles intended for personal use, including currency and valuables. Customs inspection can be long and detailed.

Prohibited Imports
Weapons and ammunition, narcotics, photographs and printed matter directed against Belarus, and fruit and vegetables. Contact the embassy for further details of import restrictions (see Contact Addresses).

Prohibited Exports
Weapons and ammunition, precious metals, works of art and antiques (unless special permission has been granted by the Ministry of Culture) and furs.

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