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The genealogy journey is not an easy one, but the treasures you'll discover on the way make the path well worth traveling-something Barry J. Ewell knows from personal experience. He's traveled around the globe and found clues to this genealogy in everything from dusty relics to modern technology. Now he's ready to share his experience and guide you through each step of your personal family history journey. Whether you're just begging your family history journey or you're seasoned genealogists, this book is the perfect road map to all the treasures still waiting for you in your personal family history.

Extra Resources

This landing page includes the extra free resources mentioned throughout the book. Click on the above tabs to find the following:

MyGenShare QuickHelps: Find the resources "How to Search the Internet like a Genealogist" and "Color-coded Genealogy Research Filing System."

PDF Forms: Find PDF forms you can use to assist you in your genealogy research.

Videos: Find 100+ videos on variety of genealogy topics. The video belong to the series, "The Top 23 Lessons Genealogists Need to Know" and "Digitizing Family History."

Podcasts: Barry's shares 25 of his personal experiences as a genealogist from the pages of his book.

Find other outstanding free and subscription resources to support your genealogy research: